Sian Ka'an Gum Tour & Canal Float



Chewing Gum Tour

Sian Ka'an Biosphere, Mexico

$99.00 per person, additional transportation fee may apply

Delve into the jungle and visit a "chewing gum camp", discover one of the ways of life of the Mayan Culture, meets the gum process, a legacy from our ancestors, fall in love with the turquoise of the lagoons of Sian Ka'an, jump in the fresh water canal surrounded by mangroves and "float to the ecstasy", a relaxing experience in harmony with nature

Chicle History
Chicle is the latex from the Sapodilla tree which is native to Central and South America. This latex was collected and used as a chewing gum by the Mayans. Chicle was mixed with sugar and flavoring, typically sassafras or liquorices and made into a gum which was patented in 1871. This led to the production of other well known gum products such as Chicklets, and Wrigley gums

Duration: 6 hours from Tulum + extra time if you stay in the Riviera May

• Naturalist Guide
• Transportation in air-conditioned van
• Snacks
• Water
• Lunch
• Entrance fees
• Life jacket

After we learn about chicle gum and the natural mayan process we will dive into the clear canal water to float and snorkel as the currents carry us gently toward the sea. At times the only sound you will hear will be the peaceful rustle of wind through the straw and saw grasses that surround us. Our guide will share his knowledge of the plants and wildlife along the winding canal.