Sian Ka’an Biosphere, Mexico

$129.00 per person, additional transportation fee may apply

  The Muyil forest and float tour is a great day trip for a combination of ancient Mayan culture, Sian Ka'an flora and fauna. Muyil Ruins is where we start with a 1-hour guided tour of the ruins and surrounding nature by our Mayan trilingual guide. We look for rare, colorful birds and teach visitors about the poisonous, medicinal, and hallucinogenic value of the endemic plants. The guide’s stories are inter-laced with tails from his ancestors and accounts of his personal experiences living in the area.

After the Pink Palace and Castle ruins, we follow the sac-be, Mayan for "white road", through the jungle toward the Canan-Ha trail head. From there it is a short, walk to Muyil lagoon – a clear turquoise fresh water lagoon. You are invited to climb the 17m lookout tower, called a mirador, which reveals spectacular views of the ruins and the lagoons from above the trees

Once at the lagoon, we will take a boat ride into the lagoon for our journey into the clear waters of the Muyil lagoon to a man-made canal on the other side. The Mayans dug out the canal 1,000 years ago as a part of a trade route that linked the Muyil lagoon with its larger neighboring lagoon called Chunyaxche. Ancient Mayans traded salt, incense, gum, honey, wood and animals skins with others from Guatemala and Honduras. On the other side of Chunyaxche lagoon we lead into another canal that is natural and much deeper.

Along the canal—which extends 12 kilometers--we will stop at Xlapak ruin, a small, mysterious Mayan ruin used as a rest stop and customs post on the trade route. After exploring the ruin, we will dive into the clear canal water to float and snorkel as the currents carry us gently toward the sea. At times the only sound you will hear will be the peaceful rustle of wind through the straw and saw grasses that surround us. Our guide will share his knowledge of the plants and wildlife along the winding canal.

After the 40-minute float we will make our way into our boat and ride back through the series of canals and lagoons to the shore at Muyil archeological site. Going back on the road we stop in a pristine, colorful and unspoiled cenote where a tasty lunch is waiting for us. You are invited for jump into the warm water and enjoy cooling off before, during and after lunch—a wonderful way to finish our journey in Sian Ka’an.