We offer a number of massage and spa services in the Riviera Maya Mexico. You can add Sparkling Wine, Champagne, Mayan Chocolate, and Rose Petals at an extra cost. To Reserve your massage today email us at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


The relaxing Swedish massage improves muscle tone, and circulation. Standard 60 minutes $85.00,          
with Hot Stones 60 minutes $100.00[...]


The Classic Swedish Massage made better. Extend the bliss to 90 minutes. $165.00[...]


When two therapists and four hands hit your body, your mind reacts differently and very quickly your brain gives up control to pure relaxation $180.00[...]


Share the massage experience with a friend or loved one. All of our treatments can be performed simultaneously in the same room. Standard 60min $170.00 for pair[...]


Seaweed, Grape or Chocolate 60 min $100.00 Facials 60min $65.00
Facial 30min $45.00 [...]
Reiki is an ancient healing art that utilizes universal life force energy. This is not a physical massage, but a channeling of energy that restores and maintains balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level...Standard 60 minutes $100.00[...]


Enjoy a wonderful relaxing massage experience for couple with the ocean's sounds under the moonlight.Standard 60 min $175.00 for pair[...]


By using alternating circulatory movements and slow, regular manual pressure, lymphatic drainage activates the circulation of the lymph fluid to eliminate toxins. The benefits of this treatment are many, from relaxation to its major detoxing effects, not forgetting its benefits against cellulite... Standard 60 minutes $100.00[...]


These massages encourage the body to naturally balance and correct itself, through the ancient art of reflexology. Certain zones in the feet correspond to specific areas of the body.  A gentle pressure point massage helps release blockages and reestablishes energy flow to improve circulation, release stress, ease pains, and increases relaxation... Standard 50 minutes $80.00[...]