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Riviera Maya, Mexico

Public Price $110.00 Adults  12 $ under $98.00 

We lead you to this great Mayan city that had its period of greatest splendor in the late classical period (DC. S. VI), due to the large civil engineering work was built where the white-road network (SAC BEOOB) more extensive the northern part of the peninsula at that time and thus Coba became the most powerful commercial center of the area controlling all trade in the north. It also has the 3rd largest pyramid in the Mayan world (pyramid Nohoch mul 42 m. high) and the only one that you can still climb. We will guide you through the ruins.

coba-textCenote Choo Ha is a short drive from the ruins of Coba, and is certainly worth visiting. It is an underground cenote and is over 20 meters deep. With the pristine underground river waters feeding the cenote you can see clearly to the bottom. At first glance it seems like you could touch the bottom, but once you try you will find out that it reaches depths beyond what the eye can see. A wooden spiral staircase brings you into the belly of the cave, and you will certainly be amazed at how decorated the cave is with stalactites and stalagmites dating back hundreds of years. Feeling brave? Try jumping off the 5 or 10 meter platforms on your way down and plunge into the cool fresh water below. providing and explore.

jump cenote choo haTour Intinerary 

• Climb the Nohoch Mul pyramid, tallest in the Yucatan!
• Swimming stop – Cenote Cho-Ha
• Lunch at a local family restaurant on Lake Coba
• Stop at a Mayan family’s handicraft shop/home
• Stop at the Honey Co-op distribution center

Coba is located about 1.5 hours Playa del Carmen and is recommended from early morning to meet with no mass tourism bus

Snack in Van which is an incredible sandwich on hot french bread- usually, drinks on board, certified bilingual guide, entrance fee to the archaeological site, lunch,  private transportation, A / C, private custom taxes and insurance.

Shoes and comfortable clothes for walking, a cap or hat, sunscreen and insect repellent, binoculars, an extra shirt in case of rain and towel, camera, swimsuit and extra.

Prohibited The use of not biodegradable repellents and sunscreens, if you are going to swim in the cenote.